At White Rose Bakes, we have a collection of cake stands and dessert table accessories available to hire.
The first item you hire will be charged at £30, and all subsequent items will be charged at £5.
Fees must be paid in advance of your event.
Charges to cover item replacement in the event of any losses or breakages are listed beside each item.

White Mosser Glass Cake Stand

This classic white Ohio Mosser Glass cake stand is the perfect centrepiece to any dessert table.  It is 12" wide and stands at 9" high.
Breakage/Loss Charge £75
We also have two matching smaller white Ohio Mosser Glass cake stands.  They measure 9" wide and 7.5" high.
Breakage/Loss Charge (each) £60

Glass Cake Stands

Two ornate vintage glass cake stands.
1 x 9" round
Breakage/Loss Charge £25
1 x 8" round
Breakage/Loss Charge £25

Art Deco Dancing Lady Amber Cake Stand

A striking Art Deco cake stand with an amber coloured glass plate with a frilled edge and classic 'Dancing Lady' pedestal.
The plate is 9.5" wide, and the pedestal is 8" high.
Breakage/Loss Charge £60

Two-Tier Butterfly Cake Stand

A rectangular two-tier cake stand.  Each tier measures 9" x 6.5".  The total height is 13.5".
Breakage/Loss Charge £25

Two-Tier Green Cake Stand

A vintage green glass round cake stand with two tiers.  The lower tier has a diameter of 9" and the upper tier has a diameter of 7.5"
Breakage/Loss Charge £25

Blue Glass Cake Stand

A vintage bue glass cake stand with a frilled edge and rose design.  The diameter is 9".
Breakage/Loss Charge £25

Two-Tier Silver Cake Stand

A beautiful, ornate silver vintage cake stand with a rose design around the edge.  The lower tier has a diameter of 9".  The upper tier has a diameter of 7".
Breakage/Loss Charge £60

Silver Muffin Warmer

A beautiful vintage silver plated muffin warmer, also suitable for displaying petit fours.  This item comes in three parts and each of the two plates has a diameter of 7".
Breakage/Loss Charge £40

Three-Plate Cake Stands

A matching pair of beautifully ornate cake stands, each with three plates measuring 6" accross.
Breakage/Loss Charge (each) £25

Vintage Silver Server

A vintage silver server for biscuits and petit fours, with an engraved floral design and decorative edge.  This measures 8.5" x 3".
Breakage/Loss Charge £25

Large Glass Jars

Three large glass, lidded jars.  Perfect for displaying cookies, biscuits and sweets.  Each jar measures 7.5" high x 6.5" wide.
Breakage/Loss Charge (each) £15

Decorative Silver Plated Cake Knife

A beautiful, decorative vintage cake knife.  Perfect for slicing your special cake!
5" blade.  10" total length
Breakage/Loss Charge £40

Decorative Silver Plated Cake Slice

A delicately decorative vintage silver-plated cake slice.  A beautiful addition to your dessert table.
10" long
Breakage/Loss Charge £25

White Display Plates

We have four plain white display plates available to hire.  The two large ones measure 9.5" x 14" and the two smaller ones are 7.5" x 11.5".
Breakage/Loss Charge (each) £10
Breakage/Loss Charge (each) £15

Plain White Cake Stand

A simple, classic white ceramic cake stand.  This measures 12" wide and 4.5" high.
Breakage/Loss Charge £25